ModelException EnumerationMVC+ (Model-Facade-View-Controller) Framework for ASP.NET
The Exception enumeration for Model class.

Namespace: NovaDimension.Mvc
Assembly: NovaDimension.Mvc (in NovaDimension.Mvc.dll) Version: (4.0.0204.0)

public enum ModelException

  Member nameValueDescription
INVALID0 Invalid exception.
ERROR_CREATEINSTANCE1 Failed instantiating Model object.
ERROR_RELEASE2 Failed releasing this object.
ERROR_CREATE3 Failed inserting bean object into database.
ERROR_READ4 Failed reading bean object(s) from database.
ERROR_READ_DATAREADER5 Failed reading datareader.
ERROR_UPDATE6 Failed updating the bean object into database.
ERROR_DELETE7 Failed Deleting the bean object from database.
ERROR_CONNECTION8 Failed openning database connection.
ERROR_CREATESTMT9 Failed generating query where clause statement.
ERROR_GETPARAMETER10 Failed generating list of stored-procedure parameters.
ERROR_WRITE_TO_SOURCE12 Failed generating the database set value statement from bean object (for INSERT).
ERROR_UPDATE_TO_SOURCE13 Failed generating the database set value statement from bean object (for UPDATE).
ERROR_GETDBSOURCE_READ14 Failed getting database source for Read operation.
ERROR_GETDBSOURCE_WRITE15 Failed getting database source for Create/Update/Delete operation.
ERROR_GETSORTBY16 Failed getting sort-by statement.
ERROR_GETSORTBYDIR17 Failed getting sort-by direction.
ERROR_GETGROUPBY18 Failed getting group-by statement.
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