NovaDimension.Data NamespaceMVC+ (Model-Facade-View-Controller) Framework for ASP.NET
The Data namespace contains database abstract interfaces, classes, exceptions, and enumerations.

Public classAdapter
The Database adapter abstract class.
Public classConnector
Database connection abstract class.
Public classDbCfg
Database configuration fields enumeration class.
Public classDbConfig
Database configuration enumeration class.
Public classOperator
Database operator class.
Public classParameter
Database stored-procedure parameter class.

Public interfaceIAdaptable
Database Adapter Interface.
Public interfaceIConnectionable
Database Connector Interface.

Public enumerationAdapterException
The Exception enumeration for database Adapter class.
Public enumerationConnectorException
The Exception enumeration for database Connector class.
Public enumerationEnumDbClause
Database clause enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbCode
The Code (SYSTEM/USER) enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbCommand
Database command enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbCondition
Database condition clause enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbConfig
Database configuration enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbDBMSType
Database type enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbFieldType
Database field type enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbParameter
Database stored-procedure parameter type enumeration class.
Public enumerationEnumDbPoolType
Database pool type enumeration class.
Public enumerationOperatorException
The Exception enumeration for database Operator class.