NovaDimension.Component NamespaceMVC+ (Model-Facade-View-Controller) Framework for ASP.NET
The Component namespace contains fundamental interfaces and classes that define commonly-used constants, enumerations, exceptions, and helpers.

Public classConstant
The Constant class contains global constant values.
Public classEnumHelper
The Enumumarion helper class exposes enumeration string handling methods.
Public classEnumStringValue
String value class used by EnumHelper class.
Public classExceptionEx T 
Generic exception class provides exception handling, and exception logging.
Public classFactory T, C 
Factory Method abstract class.
Public classLogHelper T 
The Log4NET wrapper class provides methods for logging the start/end of each blocks of the code, as well as, logging exception errors.
Public classSerializeHelper
The Serialize helper class provides methods for serializing/de-serializing a resource.
Public classStringHelper
The String helper class provides string manipulation.

Public interfaceIClonable T 
Prototype Pattern Interface.
Public interfaceIDestroyable
Un-managed resouce relese Interface.
Public interfaceIEnumarable T, V 
enumeration type Interface.
Public interfaceIFactoryable T, C 
Factory Method Pattern Interface.
Public interfaceIInheritable
Conceptual Interface for Generlization/Inheritance.
Public interfaceIInitializable T 
Object initialization Interface.
Public interfaceISingletonable
Conceptual Interface for Singleton pattern.
Public interfaceIValidatable
Interrfaces for Validation Pattern.

Public enumerationEnumHelperException
The Exception enumeration for EnumHelper class.
Public enumerationFactoryException
The Exception enumeration for Factory class.
Public enumerationLogHelperException
The Exception enumeration for LogHelper class.
Public enumerationSerializeHelperException
The Exception enumeration for SerializeHelper class.
Public enumerationStringHelperException
The Exception enumeration for StringHelper class.