NovaDimension.Mvc NamespaceMVC+ (Model-Facade-View-Controller) Framework for ASP.NET
The Mvc namespace contains fundamental interfaces, classes, enumerations, exceptions, and helpers for MVC+ framework.

Public classBean BEAN 
The Bean (ViewModel) abstract class.
Public classController
The Controller (user-action layer) abstract class.
Public classControllerContext
The controller context class. (Strategy Pattern)
Public classControllerProxy
The ControllerProxy (protection proxy for user-action layer) abstract class.
Public classFacade BEAN 
The Facade (business-logic) abstract class.
Public classModel BEAN 
Model (business-logic/database layer) abstract class.
Public classModelSP BEAN 
Model Stored-Procedure (business-logic layer/database layer) abstract class.

Public interfaceIBean
Bean (ViewModel) interface.
Public interfaceIController SESSION, REQUEST 
Controller (user-action layer) interface.
Public interfaceIFacade
Facade (business-login) interface.
Public interfaceIModel BEAN, DATAREADER 
Model (business-logic/database layer) interface.

Public enumerationControllerException
The exception enumeration for Controller class.
Public enumerationEnumAction
The Controller action enumeration class.
Public enumerationFacadeException
The Exception enumeration for Facade class.
Public enumerationModelException
The Exception enumeration for Model class.