Constant ClassMVC+ (Model-Facade-View-Controller) Framework for ASP.NET
The Constant class contains global constant values.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  NovaDimension.Component Constant

Namespace: NovaDimension.Component
Assembly: NovaDimension.Component (in NovaDimension.Component.dll) Version: (4.0.0209.0)

public static class Constant

This sample shows how to use the Constant static class.
using System;
using NovaDimension.Component;

class TestClass  
    static int Main()  
        Int32 id = Constant.INVALID_INT32;    
        String name = Constant.STRING_EMPTY;
        Int16 active = Constant.INVALID_INT16;
        DateTime date = Constant.DEFAULT_DATE;
        String dateString = date.ToString(Constant.DEFAULT_DATEFORMAT);
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